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It’s just a eucalyptus bundle that you hang in your shower! But here’s why doing this has become a staple in the self-care routine of so many of us:

When you hang a eucalyptus shower bundle from your shower head, you’re actually unraveling stress, alleviating pain, and even boosting your respiratory health. The steam from your hot shower will release eucalyptus essential oils right into the air. As you breathe all that goodness in, your body is benefiting from its healing properties! Sounds amazing, right? Eucalyptus shower bundles are so good for you, and if we’re being honest, we’re absolutely obsessed with them!

Freshly Hand-Picked

Sustainably harvested from our California Eucalyptus farms with solar panels and reclaimed water.

Freshly Handpicked From California USA. Prepared to order and shipped ASAP to keep your eucalyptus fresh!

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  • Congestion Relief

    Eucalyptus is a main ingredient in Vicks® because of it's mint-like scent that the oils release. Eucalyptus is known to open sinuses to help you breath and relieve many allergy symptoms.

  • Restful Sleep

    Eucalyptus with the addition of lavender can be the perfect combination to help you sleep better. Both of the soothing scents will help relax your body and mind to aid in calm sleep.

  • Mental Health

    Properties in our products help relieve stress, calms you mind, and improves focus. Eucalyptus and lavender have been used for centuries as natural remedies for better mental health.

Adding nature to your shower💦

Our USA grown eucalyptus is potent and keeps any room you place it in smelling fresh. Steam activates the eucalyptus to bring the aroma to your shower and bathroom. Even try our euclayptus bunches in a vase for soothing aromas in every room.

The overwhelming benefits of having eucalyptus in your shower is something you have been craving. Helping you breathe better, destress, and get a sense of clarity during your shower are some of the important benefits of eucalyptus.

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  • Plants were fresh upon arrival even in 100 degree heat, beautifully packaged and smelled great when opening the box. Definitely helps clear up cold symptoms in the shower. Very beneficial and worth it.

    - Kelly Bagcal Martin

  • The eucalyptus bundle really does add something special to your shower. I love how relaxing it is with a steamy shower! Shipping was fast and putting it on my wall was simple. Very happy with my purchase

    - Molly Sprague

  • It was a lovely surprise. I highly recommend this for yourself or as a gift. It was sent with more care than some expensive flower arrangements I have ordered over the years.

    - Teagan Fretos

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